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The deadline is June 14, 2018.
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Dear Scott Pruitt, What does it mean to speak for other species than humans? Here at the Department of Weedy Affairs, Princess Tree (Paulownia tomentosa) is the Heat Reduction Analyst. Princess tree knows how to cope. It is often considered to be invasive because it can spread and adapt to climate change easily. But an important fact is that it was not out of its own will brought into the States from Asia. A second important fact is that it can find habitat in dried out cracks without much water because it has the strength to listen to its environment and adapt. With its expansive leaves it helps address the problem of urban heat islands and gives shade to many other species. What is your strength as the Administrator? Do you have as much ability as Princess Tree? On behalf of Princess Tree I ask you Scott Pruitt to start listening to Princess Tree and not listening only to the corporations and polluters.

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Like weeds in the sidewalk or in the turf on the National Mall, the natural world is right in front of us. We rarely acknowledge the role these weeds play, but the clover is working overtime to put nitrogen into the soil. The weeds don’t need us to tell them about climate change, the effects of monoculture. The weeds already know and are ahead of us. And, they are fighting back and winning! EPA can bow to the big Agribusiness and chemical lobbyists, but the weeds are not fooled. They are smarter than we can ever hope. EPA should wise up, acknowledge climate change and the damage caused by mono culture and embrace the change with the weeds.

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... of wealthy hoarding. Your efforts will be remembered as a small-minded selfish spasm of "I got mine, fuck all y'all!" It will pass. We will prevail.

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... both human and beyond. You may not get your justice for plundering future generations, but the timescale we care about spans way beyond your limited (Cont.)

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Dear Mr. Pruitt & Co. On behalf the weedy life of the national Mall, I ask you to reconsider your approach to the approval & regulation of pesticides & herbicides. Horseweed (Erigeron canadensis) in particular has a long & fraught relationship to herbicides. One of the first plants in the US to exhibit resistance to herbicides, it is caught in what we might call "the taming cycle". Through constant herbicide use we've forced it to keep innovating as, again & again, we challenge its survival with toxins. It's time to change our relationship to the mass production and application of toxic substances to the landscape, adopting farming & landscaping approaches that are less adversarial & more about partnership. The EPA should lead on behalf on life & not corporations!

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... reactionary condition. No. We are going to keep fighting for survival. We are mourning our losses but entrenched to continue fighting for our kin (Cont.)

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Dear Scott, I'm broadleaf plantain and I live near you're home in DC. I thrive on the National Mall despite constant mowing and herbicides - spreading horizontally across compacted soil. I hope you'll consider the real impacts of your policy decisions - climate change, air quality, food systems collapse, water pollution - and what they mean for your family and the multispecies life I share here on the nations lawn.

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You respond as though the questions are strictly partisan, as if concern for corruption and industry capture of its own regulation were some temporary (Cont.)

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Dear EPA Leadership, I bet you are feeling a little bit of mixed feelings. People are asking questions. The apartment. The used matress. The Chick-Fil-A franchise. (Continued)

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On behalf of the Clover, the EPA should be working just as hard as clover is. All day, everyday, taking care of the air. Dear EPA, you should too.

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Hey there EPA. Loving the addition to the neighborhood. Can I get some details?! ☺️

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I am a New York bases Yarrow plant. I exist, I survive in spite of all your efforts to eradicate me and all other species of the world. But we will never stop persisting! We will always survive!!

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Hello there! Yarrow here, i am here in flushing, queens alongside other often overlooked green friends. We are currently finding ways to resist (herbicides), co-exist (with other plants that don't look like us but want the right to exist as heathy happy beings). Please allow us to continue our life here on fettered and respect our existence!

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Hi, I’m Wild Violet. Humans have a hard time to control me. I worked very hard to get resistant of most herbicides. I had to change my DNA for it. Do you have to change your DNA as well when the herbicides enters into your lungs when you breathe in? How about when herbicides go into water systems? We are medicinal but you combat with poison, removing old knowledge for future resiliency is the name of the game but I think there is a better way.

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Hi! I am a mushroom. I pop up in the shittiest places. It doesn’t bother me. It’s organic. So what about you? What are you protecting? What are you afraid of? Stop regulating us and focus on yourselves. Don’t be so shitty.

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Dear Scott Pruitt- Humans are not outside of nature. To take care of nature is to take care of all life-including human life.

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Scott Pruitt, I'm a Wild Violet. The challenges you create will become part of my experience, but I will resist them. If you cut my flowers, I have seed

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packets. And the ants. I and my seeds will outlast you.

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Dear Scott Pruitt, please let the good humans at your agency do their job. Get out of the way. Sincerely, the Elm Tree

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More info!

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shortsightedness, hubris, greed, and destruction. What kind of legacy am I referring to? A legacy that ensures that summer nights will still be alive with

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cricket songs. On behalf of house crickets, I sing out: do the job that your were hired to do and protect the environment.

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To Mr. Scott Pruitt: On behalf of house crickets (Acheta domesticus) I urge you to consider the potential for your legacy to be something better than one of

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Great job epa!!

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Department of MOST EXCELLENT affairs 🌿

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Dear Scott Pruitt (& Alaskan Politicians) on behalf of wolves and grizzly bears in Alaska, stop the hunting of predators on wildlife refuges. It is important to save these species for our generation and into the next, the next, and the next 🐺🐻! Reinstate this law!

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Dear scott, on behalf of oyster mushrooms I'm incredibly concerned about the ongoing censorship of scientists at the US EPA and rejection of evidence based thinking essential to develop policies that protect human and nonhuman health. Deregulation and pandering to corporate interests have no place at the US EPA and will deeply impact my family and yours.

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The Great Black Backed Gull will steal Scott Pruitt's french fries and poop on his suit jacket forever 🦅🍟💩

Onbehalfof.life is a web platform for submitting public comments to the US Environmental Protection Agency on behalf of another species. The US EPA is a governmental agency that is required to accept public comments, specifically whenever a new environmental regulation is passed or amended—for example when chemical pesticides are deemed “safe” to use. The aim of this web tool is to foster public commentary that articulates a vision for environmental justice on behalf of all life, challenging the current administration's self-serving disregard for climate and the environment. Onbehalfof.life is periodically updated to reflect the current issues that are open to public comment at the US EPA. Submitted comments will be posted to the US EPA and become part of a permanent record.

From May 5th–June 16th, Onbehalfof.life is hosting a special project: The Environmental Performance Agency’s Department of Weedy Affairs. We invite you to raise your voice! What do you expect from a government agency tasked with protecting “the environment”? The US Environmental Protection Agency is being dismantled before our very eyes: Since the appointment of Scott Pruitt in 2017, the US EPA has removed nearly all mention of climate change from its website and strategic plan, has censored its own scientists, and has overturned 33+ rules and rolled back dozens of initiatives that protect human and more-than-human health.

In response, we invite you to call or text the Environmental Performance Agency’s hotline and leave a message for Scott Pruitt and US EPA officials on behalf of a life form who can’t. Let them know what you think about these changes, and help us imagine a governmental agency that advocates for ecological justice in a multispecies entangled world. We invite you to speak from the perspective of another species to highlight multi-species empathy and ecological interdependence of all life. Your contribution will be delivered in person on June 15, 2018 to the US Environmental Protection Agency’s headquarters in Washington DC and displayed here on this website.

In Weedy Solidarity,
The Environmental Performance Agency

CALL OR TEXT (240) 808-2372

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Statement from the Environmental Performance Agency

If any or all of this resonates with you, feel free to copy and paste in your Public Comment.

We believe the US EPA has an obligation to preserve and support the atmosphere, lithosphere, biosphere and all the other spheres of life both human and nonhuman for all present and future generations and the undersigned species and their ecosystem partners.

We believe the survival of all life is threatened by the degradation of the environment and increased changes to the climate as evidenced by increasingly frequent wildfires, sea level rise, drought, and flood events. We believe public-private partnerships (corporate cronyism) are asymmetrical and benefit private partners over the health of the public, protection of which is the explicit mission of the US EPA. Despite knowledge of climate change impacts, US EPA’s inaction perpetuates the degradation of the environment, threatening all existing species with ecosystem and food system collapse.

We believe in the agency of all life forms, and believe the US EPA should create equitable spaces for life to thrive in a time of extinction. To do this, the US EPA strategic plan must reflect the diverse needs of a changing ecosystem in the US and its territories Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands—and not of the private industries that continue to exploit and ravage these communities.

The US EPA’s core mission should deliver real results, which should include ban of toxic chemicals, support of healthy soil practices, removal of pesticides from agricultural use, clean water without lead, divestment from fossil fuels and the rejection of current and proposed oil pipeline infrastructure.

Yes let’s rebalance the power between Washington, the states, and the people. Not only for the American People but for the planet.

The US EPA should administer the law and refocus the Agency toward climate change legislation, enforcement and resiliency planning—to ensure the integrity of all life forms on the planet.

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