On behalf of all life, we demand a better EPA Strategic Plan.

Consider how important U.S. Climate Policy is to ALL LIFE. Now think of just one other species. What kind of habitat does this species require? What are its impacts on other ecological systems? What would happen if the EPA does nothing to address Climate Change? Submit a Public Comment to the Draft 2018-2022 Strategic Plan on behalf of life.
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Pick another species

Example: Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris)

We see grave gaps in the makeup of the EPA’s Science Advisory Board and submit that Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) has many qualifications for the job, including deep on-the-ground experience in a broad range of communities and habitats.

Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) Qualifications:
The wasps love to eat the stems of Artemisia vulgaris. Rats like to eat the young artemisia shoots and leaves. The songbirds hide and get shade inside the artemisia patch. The bees collect the pollen of artemisia. Artemisia roots crack open the asphalt. Ants like to build their nests in the artemisia patch. In the spring they bring the aphids to the artemisia plants, which in turn bring the ladybugs. The roots take lead and other heavy metals out of the soil. The scent of artemisia gives humans lucid dreams. Artemisia catches the trash blowing in the wind, creating trash barriers. Artemisa is a structure for bindweed and Japanese hops. Artemisia likes the company of bull thistle, white heath aster, downey brome grass, and foxtails. Artemisia makes shade. Every time it rains artemisia grows several inches. (The rain is likely acidic, which artemisia can handle—and it grows to be much taller here than in other places). Artemisia steals the spotlight, protecting other plants from being outshined by the acidic rain. Artemisia is the community organizer.

On behalf of...

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On Behalf of Artemisia vulgaris, on behalf of ALL LIFE, we demand an EPA Strategic Plan that takes Climate Change seriously.

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Statement from the Environmental Performance Agency

If any or all of this resonates with you, feel free to copy and paste in your Public Comment.

We believe the US EPA has an obligation to preserve and support the atmosphere, lithosphere, biosphere and all the other spheres of life both human and nonhuman for all present and future generations and the undersigned species and their ecosystem partners.

We believe the survival of all life is threatened by the degradation of the environment and increased changes to the climate as evidenced by increasingly frequent wildfires, sea level rise, drought, and flood events. We believe public-private partnerships (corporate cronyism) are asymmetrical and benefit private partners over the health of the public, protection of which is the explicit mission of the US EPA. Despite knowledge of climate change impacts, US EPA’s inaction perpetuates the degradation of the environment, threatening all existing species with ecosystem and food system collapse.

We believe in the agency of all life forms, and believe the US EPA should create equitable spaces for life to thrive in a time of extinction. To do this, the US EPA strategic plan must reflect the diverse needs of a changing ecosystem in the US and its territories Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands—and not of the private industries that continue to exploit and ravage these communities.

The US EPA’s core mission should deliver real results, which should include ban of toxic chemicals, support of healthy soil practices, removal of pesticides from agricultural use, clean water without lead, divestment from fossil fuels and the rejection of current and proposed oil pipeline infrastructure.

Yes let’s rebalance the power between Washington, the states, and the people. Not only for the American People but for the planet.

The US EPA should administer the law and refocus the Agency toward climate change legislation, enforcement and resiliency planning—to ensure the integrity of all life forms on the planet.

On behalf of